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Learning from the Health Policy and Research Organisation’s model for enhanced collaboration between researchers and decisionmakers on maternal and child health in West Africa
As part of the Canadian initiative "Innovating for Mothers and Children in Africa (IMCHA)", the West African Health Organization (WAHO) was selected to play the role of Health Policy and Research Organization (HPRO). This role was implemented through the project "Moving maternal newborn and child health Evidence into Policy (MEP)" from November 2014 to May 2021; with the main objective of improving the demand for the production and use of evidence in maternal and child health decision-making in the ECOWAS region.
The project comes to the end in June 2021. To share the outcomes and lessons learnt with all stakeholders, a public webinar is being organised to share WAHO's experience in the role of the HPRO and to draw lessons for future initiatives.


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