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Viral Hepatitis in the ECOWAS Region
Viral hepatitis has been targeted for global elimination by 2030. There is currently no sub-regional platform to systematically coordinate national programmes and actions in the ECOWAS Region. At a meeting in August 2019, the Ministers of Health of the African Union lamented the inadequate continental response to viral hepatitis elimination and noted that only 18 African countries have formulated a National Hepatitis Strategic Plan of which only 3 country plans are funded.

There are challenges with awareness, diagnosis and treatment, access to care, cross-border collaboration and financing across the region. The populations at high risk of viral hepatitis B and C are criminalized or stigmatized. Those with chronic viral hepatitis may have co-morbidities such as HIV or tuberculosis. The African Union has developed a roadmap to implement the ministerial declaration on the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

The objectives are:
1. To review the burden of viral hepatitis in the ECOWAS region
2. To be appraised of priorities in the elimination of hepatitis in Africa
3. To review progress towards the elimination of viral hepatitis in the ECOWAS region
4. To reflect on cost-effective and sustainable strategies relevant for the general and key populations in the elimination of viral hepatitis.


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